We are passionate about space

The team of Umbilical Design is passionate about innovative development through high level experience, creative problem solving and technical engineering skills.

Umbilical Design is the lead for the Construction and Furniture sector in the ESA Technology Transfer Network and has more than 15 years of experience of working in the space industry. With our experience in the steel industry, health industry, construction industry and design, we know how to implement space solutions that can create value in a wide range of industries. Through the years, Umbilical Design has worked on innovative solutions in co-operation with Scania, NCC, Karolinska University Hospital, Arla Foods, European Space Agency, NASA, Björn Borg etc., read more about our earlier projects and on going projects.

We believe that sustainability is the key for the future, hence our passion about creating innovative space based solutions for a sustainable Earth.

Umbilical Design consists of a strong core team, and works closely with partners such as ÅF, the leading Nordic technical consultancy company. Partners and collaborations. 


core team

Cecilia Hertz,    founder and Managing Director

Cecilia Hertz, 
founder and Managing Director

Annelie Sule ,   Space Innovation Manager

Annelie Sule
Space Innovation Manager

Patrik Lindström ,  Space Broker Manager

Patrik Lindström, Space Broker Manager

Christina Ghawi ,  Space Project Assistant

Christina Ghawi,
Space Project Assistant